Jesse Koehler is a Brooklyn based actor, writer, and collaborator from Santa Fe, NM. At age six, the theatre became Jesse's second home where he literally wouldn't allow his parents to be in the building until opening night. He spent the next twelve years in the sweet desert, constantly acting, before moving to Bronxville, NY, to attend Sarah Lawrence College.  

In his four years of education, including an abroad semester at The Moscow Art Theatre School, Jesse trained specifically in ensemble driven devised work. Jesse worked in multiple student run projects and prides himself on his collaborating abilities. He also loves plays such as "The Mother*cker with the Hat" and "Thinner than Water" that demand an almost boxing match connection and focus between actors. He believes young artist should be taking old texts, like Shakespeare, Chekov, the Greeks, and messing them up in every which way.


So, let's go out and make something!      

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